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BCA has worked in the public industry for over 15 years and has completed a diverse range of project types including office buildings, retail centers, mixed use projects, seismic retrofits and warehouse facilities. Through our extensive background in this arena, BCA possesses an invaluable knowledge of structural codes and design enabling our team to effectively support creative structural solutions. Photographic representation of some of these projects is provided below.

Partial Listing of Clients:
Abbott Diagnostics
Alameda County Public Works
Brentwood Center
Century 21
Chevron Park
Commercial Bank of Fremont
Deerwood Office Park
Fremont Plaza
Gateway Plaza
Goodyear Tire
GTE Mobilenet
Iam Research
Pacheco Brothers Warehouse
Pleasant Hill Square
Preiss Warehouse
Shapell Industries
St. John's Office Building
Tandem Computers Office Building
United Consilio West